Who does Priceless serve?

AnswerWe serve women in all areas of the sex industry including prostitution, escorting, and strip clubs. We also assist victims of commercialized sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

Is Priceless trying to convince people to leave sex work?

AnswerOur goal is not to try to convince or force people to leave sex work. It is not our job to convict people or tell them how to live their lives. We believe that our role is to encourage women in their value, purpose and relationship with God.  Besides, if the research is true, and 89% of women involved in sex work want out, then we would be wasting our time trying to convince the other 11% to leave. We are not interested in forcing “help” on people who don’t want it. We want to be a support to the ones who do.

Do you only provide support to women who want to leave the sex industry?

AnswerNo. We will provide services and support to any woman in the sex industry regardless of whether or not she wants to leave the business. Women in the sex industry are often facing a many issues including sexual abuse and trauma, substance abuse issues, depression, PTSD and domestic violence. We believe that it is important to meet women where they are at. If a woman wants help addressing the sexual abuse in her past, and has no intention of leaving the sex industry, we want to support her in this. If we only helped women who said they wanted to leave the business at the initial point of contact, we could be missing an incredible opportunity to see God work in her life in other areas.

What does the sex industry have to do with human trafficking?

AnswerYou can’t reach women in the sex industry without reaching victims of sex trafficking. The two are interconnected. And while not every woman in the sex industry has been trafficked, victims of sex trafficking end up working in the sex industry. Some women share stories of their boyfriends, pimps, or even their fathers manipulating or forcing them into the sex industry when they were just teenagers. Most of these women don’t even realize they were victims of trafficking. Awareness is even needed among victims.


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