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Servants Anonymous | – Calgary click here

Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary is a registered non-profit organization which operates 24 hours a day all year-round. We provide an extensive relationship-based long-term program for women, including those who are pregnant or with children, who have experienced or are at risk of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, all of which have been affected by related issues including addiction, trauma, and homelessness.

We offer three stages of housing; an emergency SAFE House which allows women to stabilize and begin the process of healing; supported transitional housing, and supported permanent housing to help achieve independent living. We deliver crucial services including: a Recovery-oriented, comprehensive Life-skills Program, Therapy, a Women’s Health & Wellness Program, Employment skills development including paid work experience, an onsite Childcare and Child/Family Development Program, and a long-term Community Follow-Care Service.

SAS uses an adapted version of Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program as counselling framework but we believe that we are all on an individual spiritual journey. SAS is a diverse community, with a mosaic of faith, committed to developing and maintaining integrity and trust in our relationships as we seek our higher power.

SAS is the only program offering long-term residential housing and recovery oriented programs to women who have children in their care, allowing them to seek help without having to place their children into the foster care system. SAS is a community of people dedicated to helping women rebuild their lives by providing an opportunity for these young women to adopt a healthy lifestyle and integrate back into society.

Next Step Ministries, NSM, Sparrow House, click here

Sparrow House is second stage transitional housing for women exiting sexual exploitation.Sparrow House is a safe and secure home where women can learn to live a life free of exploitation. We create a homelike atmosphere where women can embrace their personal and spiritual growth in a healthy way.

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